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Bioenergetic analysis, hypnosis, meditation.

  • Psychologist psychotherapist bioenergetic analyst.
  • Degree in Clinical Psychology and Community University of Turin.
  • Specialized in psychopathology of eating disorders
  • Association for the study and research of anorexia
  • bulimia and eating disorders (A.B.A.).
  • Specialized in hypnotic psychotherapy neoericksonian Italian Medical Association for the Study of Hypnosis (A.M.I.S.I. ).
  • Enabled to conduct classes of exercises of Bioenergetics Antistress Institute of Somatorlational Psychology) (I.P.S.O.).
  • Specialized in bioenergetic analysis Bioenergetic Analysis Society (S.I.A.B.).
  • Provider of Tension Trauma Realeasing Exercises. T.R.E.© (exercises for the release of tension and trauma).
  • E.M.D.R. accredited first and second level psychotherapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) the treatment of choice for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I work on psychological counselling and individual, couple and group psychotherapies at my professional studio in Genoa and I conduct seminars on personal and professional growth in Italy. in an atmosphere of listening absolutely non-judgmental and maximum empathy I use in a personalized way the methods of Bioenergetic Analysis, and neoericksonian Psychotherapy, applied in synergy with the relaxation techniques of autogenous training with Imaginative Therapies.
Moreover, for more than thirty years I have been practicing Meditation and studying the ancient teachings of Buddhist philosophy and psychology and this has allowed me to experiment with ways to help, such as the Mindfulness that effectively integrate the therapeutic practice. I contribute and collaborate in the prevention of psychological distress and the promotion of psychoemotional well-being, through the conduct of workshops and conferences.

I make available my many years of experience in the field, carrying out the ‘professional activity through individual psychotherapy, group and training activities in order to regain and maintain for a long time your physical and mental well-being.
In the workshops, I privilege body therapy techniques, such as bioenergetics, sensitive dance, guided visualisation techniques, meditation and verbal sharing.
As basic elements are constantly present: respect, acceptance and warmth, fundamental ingredients to be able to run the “psychological risk” of letting go in being really themselves.