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My working method.

I consider ” the psychological work ” as a journey and as such it can have different routes, all viable, leading to different discoveries, all equally interesting.
Each one of us is as it is because there is a reason.
Travelling to discover ourselves we can meet and know our personal “reason of being” thus understanding our sufferings, our truths, our needs … ourselves. The journey can be accomplished at all ages and for various reasons. For each person will open specific travel routes both for age (childhood, adolescence, adulthood) and for the reason that leads us to ” start ” (anxiety, school difficulties, relational difficulties, difficulties in the relationship with children and / or partner, separations, losses, etc..) and for the type of trip (alone, in pairs, with the family, or with a small group).
Step by step, in the opportunity of meeting and confrontation that this journey can offer, it can be realized “the wonder” of meeting themselves without veils and we can learn to name our pain, we can learn to accept and accept who we are and we can understand how to change, learning to accept even what can not be changed.

How can I help you?

Help certainly begins with the therapeutic relationship as a contact between two human beings, the therapeutic relationship is based on listening, openness and trust, but this, although essential, is not enough: even experience and professionalism are necessary to the therapeutic relationship. In an absolutely non-judgmental listening climate of maximum empathy I use in a personalized way the methods of Bioenergetic Analysis, and of Neoericksonian Psychotherapy, applied in synergy with the techniques of relaxation of the autogenic Training with the Imaginative Therapies, and for more than thirty years I have been practising meditation and studying the ancient teachings of Buddhist philosophy and psychology and this has allowed me to experiment with ways of help, such as the mindfulness that effectively integrate the therapeutic practice.

Bioenergetic Analysis


Mindfulness, Meditation and Ericksonian Hypnosis