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Bioenergetic Analysis:
Lowen, the Body, the Grounding

Without love - for ourselves, for others, for nature and for the universe, the individual is cold, detached and inhuman. From our heart flows the heat that unites us to the world in which we live


Bioenergetic Analysis is a therapeutic method that has its roots in Psychoanalysis and combines – in addition to traditional analytical work – work on the body and observation of its language. developed by Alexander Lowen, it has its roots in the character analysis of W. Reich, who discovered that the patient’s symptoms represent a psychic defence that is structured in the body in the form of chronic muscle tension.
The principle on which Bioenergetic analysis is based is the functional identity between muscle tension and emotional blockage, between body and mind, and between body and mind. the functional identity between muscle tension and emotional blockage, between body and mind, and between body and mind, is the basis of Bioenergetic Analysis. It is based on the assumption that mind and body are an indivisible unit and that the body is able to manifest our most hidden emotions, our thoughts, our mind. According to this approach, therefore, the rigid body postures, muscle tensions etc. are often the mirror of energy blocks and emotional knots, so it becomes necessary to work both on the psyche (mind, soul) and on the body.

Work on mind and body.

As in Psychoanalysis, in Bioenergetic Analysis we work on the mind at a verbal level, analysing: dreams, resistances, lapses (saying one word for the other, omitting or making a mistake in the sound), etc..,

• breathing techniques;
• relaxation techniques;
• body exercises – in session and at home;
• massage, touch and pressure against

During the sessions, verbal communication is supplemented by a series of movements, exercises and forms of body contact adapted to the character structure of the patient and his emotional experiences emerged or removed. The aim of the therapy is to bring people in contact with themselves, with the most authentic part of themselves because any symptom (anxiety, depression, panic attack, psychosomatic pains, etc..) indicates that this contact is loose or broken.


Lowen also introduces the technique of “Grounding”: exercises for rooting in the ground and balancing our body. literally Grounding means “to have our feet on the ground” (ground), symbolically it means to get in touch with ourselves and with reality, to listen to our emotions and our thoughts “here and now”. These exercises allow you to find your centre of gravity (at the level of the abdomen but also symbolically), breathe better and dissolve the tensions of the body, with positive effects on the circulation, tissues and lower limbs. dissolving muscle blocks and stiffness, the energy begins to flow more freely and so also dissolve the deep emotional knots. The bioenergetic analysis is practised both in individual therapeutic pathways and in group courses and allows you to acquire techniques to do exercises at home.

Bioenergetic Analysis


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